Breaking Echoes bio picture. Breaking Echoes is a Canadian band based in Southern Ontario. They are comprised of 5 members: Chase, Keith, Money, Nate and Jay. Once known as “Chase N Money”, members “Chase” and “Money” were initially the only two members of the band. Close to the late stages of finishing their self titled album, their bassist Keith joined them. There was a period where the band had new people join to play lead guitar and drums, but ultimately it was what they would call "strokes of luck" when they came accross thier lead guitarist Nate, and drummer Jay.

The groups style is a blend of alternative rock, a southernfeel, rock pop, and heavier tones. A very unique style of music in their area. Breaking Echoes is a very driven band and it shows through thier professionalism, dedication, and reliability.

The chemistry between this amazing group of 5 is close to unparalleled, and it really is a sight to see. It could be in the studio or on stage, it’s all around an exciting experience.

Breaking Echoes is a real story, and its members are the real deal. This is a journey that everyone will want to be a part of.

Individual Bio's


Chris Mailloux AKA "Chase" started his music career early in his life. Drawing influences from his family and friends, he was inspired to start producing/recording from home. Meeting with other local musicians, Chase was encouraged to start recording at a professional recording studio before debuting his first album. Chris was creating hip hop/R&B/pop music for close to 10 years. In the midst of his career Chase was signed to a label based out of British Columbia, Canada.


Keith wanted to play guitar from the moment he heard 'I Love Rock 'n Roll' by Joan Jett and his music interests only got heavier from there. He started playing guitar at 17 and quickly realized he preferred rhythm more than lead, and he loved writing music. Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Jason Bieler, Green Day and Foo Fighters are his biggest influences and it's because he feels they are amazing songwriters. He fell in love with the bass guitar when he started recording songs and needed bass lines. When putting Breaking Echoes together he chose to play bass because he feels it is integral to, not just fill out the mix, but to compliment the melody as well, and it is often overlooked.



Nate Delaney is currently the youngest and most recent member of Breaking Echoes. He has had a love for music and passion for guitar ever since he was 8 years old. After practicing for countless hours over the last 16 years, he finally decided it was time to join a band and pursue his dream of writing music. In need of a lead guitarist, fate would soon bring them all together. “It just clicked”, said Nate, “the first time together with the band, and I have felt like I’ve known these guys for years”, he adds. Nate draws inspiration from the likes of guitarists such as Zakk Wylde and Jimi Hendrix, and hopes to bring a heavier sound to the band. Be on the lookout for his unique and “in your face” style of guitar playing.